Thursday, July 17, 2008

Would it help if We brought POTS?

I was just thinking about the Beach and wondering how we all are going to cook? Imagine someone brings pots and pans? If not let me know and I will bring our 2 skillets and pot. Not nearly enough if no one else brings anything but I suppose it would be better than nothing.


somestratt said...

Jeremy, the kitchen is "fully" stocked for somewhat large groups, and luckily for us we've got two kitchens to scrounge from. Usually we are able to make due with the kitchen accessories available. Most of them I have seen even have a griddle, although someone if planning on cooking pancakes, may want to grab their just in case. So, I think you should leave your stuff at home (except for you and you wifey and maybe some clothes...although hers will be provided!!!)

somestratt said...

We are also provided bedding, so unless you have people sleeping on your floor or need your own pillow that is taken care of too. There should be a washer and dryer...but you will need some laundry detergent. Oh yeah, there is also a whole oceean full of salt water for the taking!!!

abstowe said...

I think that in most states, it is illegal to bring pot to the beach. Yes, we do have a smoking unit, but I think pot really smells a lot different than regular cigarettes. I am pretty sure we would loose our security deposit