Thursday, July 10, 2008

Needful Info

Hey again. After Ramona asked for this info I thought everyone may want it. IT may be helpful next Sunday :) The first is the address to the beach house and the second is a link to one side of our duplex.

Alan Holden Vacations
128 Ocean Blvd. West • Holden Beach, NC 28462
800-720-2200 • 910-842-6061

I am pretty sure check in is early afternoon, like 3:00.

Jeff and Amber, have you planned on how you are getting to the beach house?


Nanna said...

Laila, the link gives the physical address of the beach house as 811 Ocean Blvd West. Is that where we go? Are you checking in for all of us, or do we need to stop at the office? What time will you be arriving?

somestratt said...

Ramona, I will look into all of that today. I will have to confer with Cindy, since I don't know what I am doing! But the address is right. IT just didn't give the "whole" thing.

Jeffro said...

My family of 4 will be landing in Wilmington at 3:00PM on Sunday the 20th. Would anyone like to volenteer to pick us up or should we try to look for a shuttle?

We will be flying out of Wilmington at 5:09PM on the 27th. Any ideas here would be appreciated as well.

somestratt said...

Jeffro, Andra and I are both coming from Cindy's house and google maps shows that we have to go right through wilmington. So, we may be able to do it provided that Andra has 3 extra seats (we have one/almost two if someone can smoosh or for luggage) and enough room for bags (pack light.)

As for flying out...maybe Cindy and russ can help you on that end as she wont be going home right away like the rest of us.

I will let you know about me and Andra as soon as I hear from her.