Thursday, July 3, 2008

If you don't clean up the horse poo!!!!

So this was really wierd! I found out what happens when you don't clean up horse poo in the summer of Western New York! You grow SHRUMES!!!! These freaky looking flowers are mushrooms I found growing in the horse poo in the barn. Ick.
The first thing that happens is that the poo gets nice and moldy. I was used to that, but when I came out and saw the mushrooms I had to get my camera! Aren't they creapy looking?

So I had already thrown these in the poo pile outside when I was talking to Levi about finding the creapy death flowers in the barn. He made it all creepier by telling me these were SHRUMES. And you could sell them to druggies for a lot of money. They like to cut them up and put them on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eat them. And it causes ireperable brain damage. I asked the girl who is boarding her horses here right now, and she said yes it is true, druggies go out and scour the cow pastures to find them. to eat. Even though they grow from horse or cow POO!!!!
Mucho congrats Jeremy. I am so tickeled for you I can't believe it!!!!


Jeremy and Maria said...

LOL, i specifically liked the cut them up and put them in penut butter part.

Cindy said...

that is NASTY!

somestratt said...

A PB & J can cover up a lot of things. On a scouting trip I once made the other leader a PB & J with a big fat worm in it and he didn't even notice the worm or know anything was wrong until I couldn't stop laughing.

On the serious side this makes me think of the prodigal son out in the field with the animals except instead of eating the food for the pigs they are eating the horse dung. Hopefully this will help your kids not want to do drugs!


Cindy said...

Poop-shrooms? Seriously? I just want to know who the heck thought of trying that first???

And I second CL--NASTY!