Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby out in the open

Yes, it's true. The baby is out in the open. OK, not literally. News of the baby is now available to all. You may all consider yourselves the seconds to know. If you desire, you may call and congratulate, just don't mention greasy fatback sloshing to and fro on the deck of a wood planked ship in hot coastal waters where the pungent odor of rotting flesh and feeding carrion mask the foulest baby diapers Gerber can conjure.

There, that was poetic. We haven't had the ultrasound yet, but we know it's a baby and we suspect (I) that it'll be a handsome little man with a propensity for bringing over-sized packages to the door, just like his father.

Just kidding, Laila and Brent know the exact day he/she was conceived and no mail came that day.


Jeremy and Maria said...

Congrats again. May you have a Manchild. So that he may grow strong and blonde. Perhaps the next Fabio. May i suggest that as the name. Fabio Watson. just rolls right off the tongue no? Love you guys.

somestratt said...

Yeay! I will call soon to check in on Sage. The last time it was fun dodging the issue!