Friday, February 15, 2008

More boring house pictures

Looking into the living room
entry way
computer desk
master bedroom

master bathroom


somestratt said...

Andra! I love it! I cannot wait to come visit you there, sleep in your guest bedroom, and see it all in person. And I can't wait so see more pics! Keep them coming

Val, just Val said...


Can't wait to come visit and sleep in all your rooms. Then request pictures of rooms where our next 3 kids were made when you move in 24 years! Your new home is looking good.


somestratt said...

Val, you are horrible!

Apache Watsons said...

Dude, Andra, that's a big house. So, when are Bob's other wives moving in?

abstowe said...

That is actually what we are saving the old house for. We call them the cooking wife and the cleaning wife.
The rooms in the new house are for you and Jenny to come live in with us!

Apache Watsons said...

Jenny says, "As long as she is the cooking wife". :)