Friday, February 22, 2008

Remodel Complete!!

Cole Watson, born 2/22/08
7lbs 12.3 oz
21.5 inches
1721hrs central
We went in at about 530 and he came out about 530. Call Jenny for details. Room phone is 334-699-4411


abstowe said...

I agree with Amber - Such a very alert and quiet baby! I did love how he was in the He Man pose, showing off his large pecs and his biceps at the same time. Must be Ben's baby!
If it was Jenny's it would have been in the Lotus position!

Nanna said...

Congratulations to Mom, Dad, Cali and little Cole, big #39!!!! Love to all!

Grampa Doc and Grandma Ramona

Grant Watson said...

We love Cole Bleighed Watson!!! It's a name that he'll have to grow into, but when Sage and I christen Colt Magnum Machete Watson in September, he will already have someone to look up to.

Seriously, he's a handsome little man. Can't wait to sponsor him in motocross in 5 years.

Jeremy and Maria said...

CONGRATS Ben and Jenny on your manchild. Looks cute. Good name. We love you and hope the best for your recoveries.

somestratt said...

Hey, does he have a middle name?

somestratt said...

Like magnum or machete?

Grant Watson said...

Sorry, Lai

There can be only one Magnum Machete. This man child must suffer the indignation of a lesser name. With hope, prayers and the proper rearing, he may still become a future serial killer, though. But not like Magnum Machete.