Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baby remodel almost done!!

Coming in on the final stretch with our little man-child. (End of Feb) Jenny is unmistakably prego at any distance now (Hot prego, not just prego) . I think there is some merit to carrying boys and girls differently, it looks different to me. Here are some of the latest baby photos. High risk does carry the added benefit of a lot of ultrasounds. That's pretty much all this doctor does, have his girl do ultrasounds and reassure us of proper development. Cool.
I have been back on funeral detail service since finishing SERE. Did one last Saturday and have one tomorrow, locals complete with six man firing detail. After tomorrow we are off for the Holidays, replete with over spending and little to show for it. Alas, but to be independently wealthy. I know Jenny needs a Mini Cooper S, but that will have to wait till ebay can provide a suitable, um, preowned model. Cheap. Speaking of cheap, my 500 dollar Mazda runs like a champ and nears 240,000. Wish we made cars that well. And bikes for that matter. Why does Japan have four hugely successful bike makes and all we can manage is Hardly-Davison. We should have a handful of amellican made bikes to own every championship and keep amellican dollars in amellica. Anyway.
The weather here is unseasonably warm, which is nice, since now that I am done flying I can assist the local guys in tearing up the nearby dirt track. YeeHaa!!


Cindy said...

Cool pics, Ben! I agree that all of the ultrasounds are very fun. I had never had even one ultrasound before the triplets, and had millions during my pregnancy with them. I loved it!

The helicopter pic is also so cool. What kind of missile goes in that round thing on the bottom left?


somestratton said...

Ben, you know you are the only brother that writes on this thing. I think I almost get more excited to see your stuff just because it is a brother writing. Thanks for participating. I love the helicopter picture, and the update on your family. I agree about our car/bike problem here in "amellica." However, we did sell brents Mazda and traded up for a Toyota. I likey. Have a great Christmas brother.

somestratton said...
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somestratton said...

and I like how you convienently got in on all the "remodeling"

Nathan & Margaret said...

Hey there Ben. Your remodel totally trumps. Did anyone else think that baby was extrordinarily cute? I thought that baby JennyBen had a really beautiful face. And when you can have a beautiful baby, a hot Prego wife, and a totally cool chopper, you pretty much have it made.

somestratton said...

I agree with Margaret. Very well put Marg. His remodel puts the rest of us to shame. Better get back to work!!! NOT!!!!