Thursday, December 6, 2007

I love new carpet

So, even though the new carpeting process is hellacious ( I don't think that is a swear word), We have made it through and have only a little furnature to put back where it goes. As we do it, I am working on making everything look like a model home. Yeah! This first picture is what stunned me - I have NEVER liked the view from the top of my stairs, as it has always contained green shag carpet! But now, it is beautiful!

Secondly, the family room looks positively huge with no furniture (but the fireplace really needs to be cleaned!
The first picture shows the true color and texture of the carpet. The second one was so dark I had to fiddle with it, so the carpet looks a bit strange.
I am now working on figuring out where to put things so people won't see them - a basket full of bookmobile books, file folders of important papers and homework that we need all the time, snow clothes and gloves, christmas presents. I am thinking under bed storage boxes and rubbermaid totes.


somestratton said...

Just for a little pat on the back, I showed Brent the Pics and he said "that is andras basement? WOW!" IT looks great!! You are doing great and it is looking amazing. Keep it up Andra. You are nearing the finish line, and you deserve a blue ribbon.

AmShaZam said...

It is just amazing the transformation your house has undergone since I first came there almost nine years ago. It looks wonderful!

Cindy said...

Wow--that is so amazing! I can't believe how much you have accomplished!