Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jeremy & Maria have finally Arrived

Hey all, Maria has finally figured out how to get us onto the blog. Which is exciting. We have been reading and keeping up with Everyone's goings on through email. Somehow the blog stuff goes to my email account per post. But anyways. We love you all and are happy this blog is up and doing so well. We love seeing pictures of remodels, and babies, and basketball.
For my addition I would like to show something fantastic about politics. Now this is the most attention I have ever payed to a presidential election. I follow the polls daily, and have read just about everything that has been said about or by the candidates for the past 3 months.
Romney in my opinion is the Man, for many reasons which I wont get into now. However, I saw something on youtube which I will try to link, about his faith and government. He was unaware when he said this that he was being videotaped, he was on a radio program and this video made it to youtube. this should work to send you to this video. Now it is 20 minutes and it is all worth a watch but the real meat happens in the middle when they put down the headsets for a commercial break and are off the air.
As for Maria and me we are happy and loving life, we are enjoying time here in Idaho. Classes for fall went swimmingly, and Cali our cat continues to be cute. I will upload some pictures.

So here you have her from kitten to Cat. We love you all. I am going to upload this now to see if it works. Love Jeremy & Maria



Cindy said...

They neglect to mention what they DO to this poor cat. Torture!!!

somestratton said...

Yeay! Another brother on the blog. That makes half of the 6 that we supposedly have! Jeremy, I am so glad to hear that you guys are doing well and that you are happily married. I am sad taht you guys don't get to travel south into Utah for the Holidays but I totally understand. We'll see you some day and until then have fun with Marie and the cat.

Cindy said...

Jeremy--the google groups e-mail list is hooked up to the blog--it "alerts" people that someone has posted to the blog. So that's why you can read the stuff on there. But you have to comment on here for everyone to see it. Coes that make sense?

Cindy said...

P.S. --Yeah Maria!!

Nathan & Margaret said...

I hear Val is good with computers. Like maybe his lifes work is linked to computers. Doesn't he even do something that requires him to upload pictures and test to the internet pretty regularly?

Val! I bet Kate could do it!!!!

Jer and Maria! I am so happy to see you on here! Its so nice to get in touch. And your cat is really cute. Now for pictures of each other!