Saturday, December 1, 2007

My New Job

I thought you would all like to see a picture of my new office. Weuld you all please notice how clean it is??? I feel so proud. I have learned some things about running my office. I used to have romantic notions about using lots of clean sweet smelling straw, and how the horses would walk in and go. . ."ahh, what a nice stall." I have had to let go of that notion in favor of useing just a tiny bit of bedding and shoveling out a lot less gunk.

This is SugarTyme. My Palamino "client. I really like her, and if my human clients decide that horses aren't really going to work for them, they could just leave her with me.

This is Orion, She is really cute in real life, but I guess not very photogenic?

And here are my clothes after I finish doing horse chores! My jeans, socks, and oh, yes, gunky shoes! These shoes had me praying for the big freeze! Because walking on top of 9 inches of water mud and poo is preferable to walking in it! I was get out three fresh pair of socks a day. One day I decided to try to just not wear socks and I totally got a huge blister and tore it open on the top of my foot! Was Nice!


somestratton said...

Like I said, have you ever seen those really high rubber boots??? I am sure they make them for jobs like these!!!

Cindy said...

Amen on the boots--those socks look like they're never coming clean again!!!

abstowe said...

I am imagining your socks turning the rest of your laundry a very ugly brownish......
It's sure a good thing that you love horses!!!