Monday, December 31, 2007

Girls Nite

Hey chicas, just wanted to let everyone know that I have purchased my plane ticket to Utah to go to the women's conference and girls nite. Because of our summer family trip to Utah I need to have girls nite be Friday night May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd. Does that work for everyone?

Here's another question for you. At what point do our daughters become eligible?



somestratton said...

Never. or maybe when they become mothers. Also, stinky that it has to be on both Ambers and my anniversary weekend. We'll see how this one plays out. I may not be able to do it anyways if ticket prices don't drop though.

abstowe said...

I have thinking about the dynamics of eventually inviting our daughters to girl's night out. Here is what I have come up with:
1 - I did not like being around Mom's sisters as much as she did. That is not to say that I did not like it, they just had a bond that I did not share with them.
2 - Girl's night out is notoriously a time when we have all been able to shirk our cares and air our woes, be they about children, husbands, playtime, or cosmo magazine! Perhaps it may change the dynamics greatly if we introduce our young adult daughters.
3 - Just as our extended family reunion has become so big that it is cumbersome, I fear that by adding our daughters, we will end up killing our girl's night out. In the end, we will end up with small groupings of mothers and daughters (ie the chuck watsons, the mark watsons) because that is who we are the MOST comfortable with.
Just my thoughts on the subject.

As to the date - I am just sad that Cindy's Friday will be at BYU and not with us! Is there a way you can finish in time to get a pedicure and a massage??? We were all talking about ark City Thursday and Friday nights. Maybe we can do Friday and Saturday nights and head home on Sunday morning? That will leave all day Saturday for shopping with a place for nappers if need be.....

So, what do you all think?

Jeremy and Maria said...

not a girl, but I think that Andra is right on on every point. Love you ladies, you can expect a new girl this year. We will do whatever we can to get Maria into the tradition.

abstowe said...

YeeHaw! Do you know that is the first time in my life that I have been right on EVERY point!!! Now, if only it came with a cash bonus....
Maria, get ready for 2 nights at a best western in Park City. We all chip in for the room(s), but never charge poor struggling college students a room fee.
We play in the pool and hot tub, talk nonstop, always eat chinese in the room and shop (window shop mostly) at the outlet malls.
Are you excited yet????
I am hoping we can all squeeze in a pedicure (about $25.00) and a massage at the massage school in Provo (about $20.00)

Cindy said...

Hmmmm....Cindy Lynn is not a happy girl right now. She doesn't know why Maria gets to come and she doesn't! As far as not being around mom's sisters, well it's because we never knew them.

Anyway, I will tentatively plan not to attend the very last session that probably starts around 4 on Friday afternoon, so I'll be available then. Are you thinking of coming back to Provo from "ark city" on Friday afternoon and then returning to "ark city"? ;)

Laila, sorry about the anniversary thing. That'll teach you to get married the same weekend as women's conference!

Jeremy and Maria said...

Yah, no desire to mess with that. Luck girls.

Nanna said...

My dear daughters,

(This is coming from your DAD, and I don't know how to send it through my regular chirowatson account).

I had not intended to comment since I am not one of the girls, but then neither is Jeremy, so I'll go ahead.

From the beginning of GNO I have felt there was an error in the charter which appeared to have been written and signed in blood.

These have been my concerns:
1) Had she lived, your mother would have been very unhappy to have been excluded. She would have loved to have let her hair down and "slung her bra in the air" occasionally, to say nothing of a pedicure and massage.

2) I know that my "Ramona wife" will never be my "Cindy wife" but I love her and she has come to love all my children and to my way of thinking has done things for them that I don't think their own mother would have done. I realize that early on before sufficient healing and melding of personalities had occurred her presence may not have been conducive to what GNO is all about. In my opinion, for what it's worth, either the charter forbids inclusion of Cindy Lynn, Jessica, Leigh Ann, etc . . . and Ramona, or as they come of age, they are not excluded. If daughters do come of age and become eligible for GNO, I think Cindy Riggs should have one day become eligible and as the mother-figure, and my wife, and a Watson woman, Ramona should become eligible.

I can understand why she was excluded earlier on. I cannot understand the continued exclusion. You will never know the pain that exclusion caused but please know she understood the exclusion. If an invitation is not forthcoming relatively soon when the mistake is finally recognized and correction is attempted the invitation may come too late and you will have lost an opportunity that I think would have been for all benefit.

To one an all, I offer my apologies that in my loss and my grief I did not recognize the depth of my children's loss. I never intended to suggest or minimize your loss (Oh hell, you wouldn't understand until your time comes!)

This is being written without Ramona's knowledge or permission, and I'll probably catch hell for having written it. Please don't take it out on her, and please don't be bullys to me about this. I just ask that you examine your hearts and recognize how unfair and unkind you are being by excluding her whether or not daughters are brought in. You would have never dreamed of excluding Cindy Riggs. In all probability I will not mention this again unless moved upon by the Holy Ghost, or in responding to comments this might evoke.

The infighting and backbiting in our family is a source of concern for Ramona, and she has chosen to distance herself from it, as have I. I apoligize to her for having aired these concerns without her knowledge or permission to do so, but I think it needs to be addressed before it causes further pain to someone else.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas trips this year and have loved the time we have spent in the homes of all of our children (Laila, we will get to you when you quit running around the country). We had decided to make a list of our grandchildren from most favorite to least favorite, and have decided that all of them are our most favorite and we don't have any least favorites. You will never know how happy we are with our familys until you watch your children raising your grandchildren.

Please accept this with the amount of love I feel in my heart as I write it.


Cindy said...

Hey... I'd like to say my own piece in here:

I am not "not a happy girl." I am pretty indifferent. The whole reason I asked to come in the first place is because I will be driving down from Rexburg for Womens Conference, so I will already be in Utah with nowhere to go. I'm fine though. I can either find other people to hang out with or go back to Idaho; I'll figure something out.

The comment about Maria was just me pointing out that I'm closer in age to Maria than to ANY of my girl cousins, including Jessica. I just think that's funny. I understand that you guys don't want to open up girls night to the whole slew of girl cousins who will be coming of age in the next decade.

Cindy said...


If I didn't know better I would think you were trying to stir things up. As far as I am aware there is not any infighting and backbiting, and has not been for some time now.


somestratton said...

CL, know that we do all love and adore you. You hit the nail on the head, seeing that it isn't about you at all, just the logistics. Onto another subject, are you going to be at the family beach trip this summer? I never heard if you were or weren't. Hope you are.

Cindy said...

Laila, I'm not sure yet... it depends on when I get out of school. Hopefully I will be there for at least part of the time.

Jeremy and Maria said...
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