Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in Rexburgia!

9999999999999999999999999999999 well that is Cali's addition to this post.

Christmas in rexburg was FANTASTIC!!! and I will just agree with everyone being married makes it a million times better than single and wishing. Ok so I'm going to try and put photos throughout the post to make them more spread out. First off there is a TON OF SNOW in Rexburg

This is the view from our back door we even went out and played in the park the other day

As you can see, we had a fantastic time in what was the first snow, unbeknownst that we would have twice as much snow by now.

And and my baby is still looking beautiful, and having her around for Christmas was awesome.

As for Christmas itself it was beautiful, which was nice since we didn't have a ton of money however, Maria made the appt look beautiful, then came the CRAZY meal. and I'm saying this beautiful girl can flat out Cook, probably why i've put on between 10-15 lbs, since june depending on the day.
But it was great First off we have the Turkey, a 17lb-er But we didnt have to eat it all ourselves. Because Sam and Emily were here for the dinner. And games afterwards.

Here Is a picture of the turkey.

And one of me carving the turkey, MY FIRST EVER!!!! woot. (and I have a goatee now, ill explain that in a sec)

And here we have a half mangled bird, good ol times had at the Watson basement appt.

Was very tasty indeed, not to mention we now know that for 4 people, 17 pounds is abit of overkill.

We got great presents, Board games, clothes, and a present for Cali from Maria's parents.

Oh as for the Goatee, last month I grew out my hair to absurd lengths because Maria wanted to see how it looked long, after it got Super BUSHY I got it cut, now she wanted me to grow out my beard to see how it looks, and as I was explaining this to Sam I realized I am Her "Chia-Pet" So much stinking fun. Well that about does it for the Jeremy Watson's were excited for the beach, also loving life and each other. We love you all and wish you the greatest holidays.


abstowe said...

You guys are a hoot! I tell you, if I was in Rexburg, I would STAY INSIDE!!! I think I would have made a good texan or floridiot or something warm.....
I guess that I, too, will just keep thinking of the beach. Only 7 more months!

Cindy said...

Jeremy and Maria, I am really ROFL. You're a chia pet!

somestratton said...

Jeremy! Good turkeying! I am proud that you have now had your first married Christmast, your first turkey, and your first wife given 10-15lbs!!! Make sure to get your beach $ to Andra soon. Sorry to make you more poor but it will be worth it!!! Sand, sun, fun, and more sun! Yeah!

abstowe said...

I was thrown off momentarily, wondering what Ben and Jenny were doing in Idaho for Christmas! Then I realized that Cali the cat and Calli the daughter share a name.
I'll have to start getting more sleep some day soon....

Jeremy and Maria said...

Lol, yes we have A cat named Cali, we originally named her something else. However, then we realized we possibly wanted to name a daughter that so we renamed her Cali. Because she is a Calico from California. Indeed. Cheese please.

Nathan & Margaret said...

Just think of all the money you are saving on an actual Chia Pet. Not to mention that the actual Chia pets are kind of annoying, and you, the human version, is not. I am agreeing with you about our favorite Maria. So beautiful and can cook!!!! Man, you lucked out!