Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Big Adventure in the Barn

I was out shoveling saw dust in the barn and I found a dead mouse in the sawdust. But it was a fresh dead mouse! At first I just put it in the trash can, and then I saw that the barn kitties were actually in the barn instead hanging out in the house like they always are! So I picked up the little dead mousie by the tail (I was wearing gloves) and prayed that I was actually dead, and wasn't going to start moving all of a sudden! I held it out to one of the cats and said. . ."here kitty kitty. . ." It made a viscious miaw-y growl and grabbed it. ..then ate it. It was the peaceful kitty in the back of the picture. And he always looks that sweet or sweeter, Looks can be deceiving.


somestratton said...

Better in your barn dead and being eaten by cats than in your bed very much alive and thinking about eating you!!!

Cindy said...

yum, yum....breakfast in bed! ;)