Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Christmas from the Paces

I know, we should make our kids take showers and junk before taking Chrismas pictures. Both older girls got sweet electronic stuff for Christmas, but Levi didn't want any. He is a strange man of simple taste. He likes basketball, football, and video games. And really nothing else. Funny. He did get some new games. But he asked for and got a couple sweet fur lined hoodies. Yes, we have hoodies lined with fur in Western New York. Do you guys have them?
Here is Jess showing off her Christmas outfit. Santa picked it out herself. And I think it looks great!!!! I told Nathan he could go get me one! I have the very decrepit pageant pictures for later. They are on the new digital camera that Jess's boyfriend got her for Christmas. So I will steal her card later.


Cindy said...

Levi gets fur lined hoodies (no, NC does not have those!) and Jess gets little short sleeved clothes? Brr!

We don't make our kids shower on Christmas morning either. In fact, most of them stayed in their new pj's some or all of the day!

abstowe said...

I vote that Christmas is much more fun for the little kids. Who wants to play with new shirts??? (unless it's Leigh Ann!)

AmShaZam said...

Showers? Christmas morning? Never!