Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Visits

OK, all you Watsons east of the Mississippi!

Who is going to be home around the Christmas holidays? We thought we'd leave Hendersonville and make the rounds to visit everyone who will allow us to come. Our stops would be in Durham, Virginia, Philadelphia, upstate New York, Kentucky and down to Alabamy. Anybody want us to come see them? Give us your feedback and we'll make our plans.

See you soon.

Dad and Ramona


somestratton said...

Yeay!!! I am so excited. My heart literally jumped when I read this email. We would love to have you whenever possible. Dec. 8th is our wards Christmas party - "Night in Bethlehem" and we are having "Santa" to dinner here at our house on the 9th. It would be a fun weekend to visit. I have been wanting you guys to come ever since you were here last time. Maybe we can even do some tiling...seriously. The only other thing is that we leave for Utah for the Holidays on Dec 15th. So that would be a bad time to come visit!!! Hope to see you soon, Laila

Nanna said...


Our visit will be during the holidays, between Christmas and New Years. Sorry you'll be in Utah.

Cindy said...

We were thinking that we might come see you guys, but if you're going to be traveling we'd love to see you here. Whichever works for us. Assuming that Russ has recovered from almost not going to Scotland by then!


somestratton said...


Shucks. That really does stink. The kids were really excited. Hopefully we will see you and dad again before the next baby blessing! Who knows how long that could take!