Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa for dinner

Hi everyone. You would never guess who we had for dinner tonight. SANTA!!! Yep. There is a guy in our ward who loves to be Santa, and they decided to not do santa at the ward Christmas party this year, so we asked if he could come a be santa for our kids. We asked Hunter to write Santa a letter. We told him that there was a contest and the winner got to have Santa come for dinner. Of course Hunter won, and Santa showed up miraculously after this lady in our ward who was coming for dinner (his wife, funny that Hunter didnt catch on!!!) Anyways, unfortunately Hunter hasnt been feeling well so he was a little tired and standoffish. However, Lilly LOVED it. This is the girl who wouldn't get close to santa last year. They were so cute. I think that the man and his wife had fun to. He does make one impressive santa, real beard and all. Anyways. Just had to tell everyone. I have attached yet another fake picture of a Santa that wasn't ours, and kids who aren't ours, but you get the drift. Maybe one day I will find our camera cord and stop stealing other peoples pictures!!! (The picture is actually Brent, Alisha and Scott when they were young, if they
look familiar)


Nathan & Margaret said...

Oh that is too funny, because I was trying to figure out who posted this and was looking at all the people involved and thought the little girl looked like lilly! I thought the other kids might have been kids from the ward.

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Nathan & Margaret said...

Cindy, the new color scheme on our blog is making me a little queasy. How bout earth tones? Sea scape tones? Old itally tones? Please not mediteranian or mexican, at least not long term.

Cindy said...

Ok, I can change it!