Saturday, December 1, 2007

Soul of Determination

So there might actually be no one more unstopable than Lincoln Pace. He was sick Wednesday, stayed home Thursday with a fever. Friday I told him he couldn't go to school because it hadn't been 24 hours since he was fever free. He cried a little and then dried up. Then he got dressed. Found his backpack. Found his library books, Found his take home folder. He just kept getting ready all morning long till finally I gave in. I should have known what was coming when Nathan announced he was taking the scouts on a winter campout that would very cold and that the little boys absolutely would not be able to go.
So over the next few hours, he dressed, found socks, boots, a sleeping bag, a pillow case to put the sleeping bag in, and hat. And put them all ready to go by the door and sat on them!!!!! Guess who got to go!!!!!


somestratton said...

Oh, he looks sad! And cold. Ok, maybe the cold impression is thinking of him winter camping. Heck, it is slightly windy and 32 degrees out here right now and I am thinking that Arizona is sounding like a very nice place to live. I hope he stays well, even after freezing for the night. I prefer warm hotel rooms in park City with even warmer hot tubs!

somestratton said...
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abstowe said...

I have never seen the beauty of winter camping. Just plain dumb. Hey - let's see if we can camp out in the snow and NOT freeze to death. Dumb dumb, and dumb.
Ranks right up there with having a new baby and trying to sell a house at the same time while still doing major renovations!

somestratton said...

ha ha, you are very funny Andra. Funny and honest.