Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Gathering

Hey, Utah Watsons!

Would you folks be able to gather together on Thursday evening for dinner somewhere? We'd surely love to see everyone together for hugs and be able to give you our gifts and wish you a Merry Christmas before we have to head back to Hendersonville. Check your calendars and let us know ASAP.

We're looking forward to seeing you all.

Love you,

Dad and Ramona


somestratton said...

Hi Ramona. I am envious that you guys are visiting out there right now. Have so much fun. Tell dad that I saw his Aunt Gladys and said "hi" for him. Gloria's daughter lives in our ward and so the two of them were visiting for thanksgiving.

Have fun and be safe going home.

AmShaZam said...

Is that Thursday the 6th? As far as I can tell, that should be fine. Are we thinking someone's house, or a restaurant? And what time?