Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry, one more to vote on

I promise, this is the last one. I just need to know opinions on which of these looks the BEST so we can make our house look like it! Thanks for letting us overrun the blog for the time being.


somestratton said...

Hey An. I am glad you go the final pics. Brent and I decided that we like the two colors better than the siding color the whole way. Brent likes the white trellis (if yoru porch rails are going to be while) and says that your white is never goign to look as bright as on the computer. I think I agree with him. I do like the brown that matches the paint too though, and cant quite figure out exactly how it changes the house. Good luck.

somestratton said...

Are you also going to buy :
1)wood for window box
2)paint for the door (our friends honestly just spray painted theirs!!!)
3)small shrubs
4)4 black shudders
5)entryway table

Thanks for lettign me write your lists for you!!!