Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving at the Strattons

We all hopped in the van after young mens Wednesday and drove 7 hours to Laila's house for Thanksgiving. It was a long drive but so totally worth it. Just to get away from it all and be with family was so amazing and peaceful. All of us girls did a lot of cooking. The turkey turned out so great and it didn't last long. and Laila's sister in law Kari (sp) makes a great apple pie. I know cause they sent some home with us. I think she should post the recipe that she uses for pie crust here. Yep. Joshua is so cute! He smiled at everyone the whole weekend. All the kids played together, and the guys were in charge of taking the kids for walks while the girls cooked to keep them out of our hair. And they did all the cleaning up after dinner.
About the time we were supposed to be learving, Laila and I decided we had to go shopping at the Target racks. The whole weekend was amazing. Laila has the pictures, and should be posting them here soon!!!!!


Cindy said...

What are Targets racks?

Sounds like you guys had a great time--much better than hanging out with the divorce club!! We had a lovely and restful Thanksgiving weekend--just what Russ & I needed. And there is *still* pie in the fridge!

Marg said...

I meant to say the Target clearance racks. They are the only ones I am interested in, even though I did get a couple pair of pants from the regular racks, but those cost more! Whaaaa. So anyway, my new job pays 12 dollars an hour and I work for one hour a day. I figured out today if I get one more client I will probably go up to 20 dollars an hour,and probably not work any more! I will send pictures about that later and a regular post.