Friday, November 16, 2007

Dad & Ramona at work again!

Dad & Ramona came for a short visit to do a service project for me. Originally they were coming to put up a tile backsplash for me (as per my begging on the blog a week ago) but I couldn't get tile as fast as they could come. I asked instead that they finish a project that CL & I had started before she left for school. I'd been looking at the light box in our kitchen for some time thinking it had to change. There were only 4 fluorescent tubes in there, which wasn't nearly enough. And the doggone box part was just so big and dark. Well Cindy Lynn egged me on and I tore it down from the ceiling (with just a little help from Russ) and then I cut it smaller and CL primed it and painted it all white. Russ reassembled it for us a few days later. We were dismayed to realize how far from done it was at that point. It needed to be calked between all of the boards and then between the boards & the ceiling and then the whole thing painted one more time. Once school started I just didn't ever have time to get to it, and it was really bothering me. Enter Dad & Ramona. Dad spent most of the day up on a ladder caulking & spackeling and painting and Ramona stood on the island to paint. Look how great it looks now! Thanks so much for your help, you guys!!


somestratton said...

Wow Cindy, dad and Ramona. That thing looks really great. Yet again, I notice and recognize that i need dad and Ramona to visit me here more often!!!

abstowe said...

Wow - That does look really great! It makes me think about painting mine (except that would be one more thing I would have to paint!!)

Cindy said...

Nah, don't worry about painting yours--you're going to move!