Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enterprising Opportunist

A good mother would probably have screamed and stopped this smart child from gleaning the last of the ice cream from the box in the garbage. However, this is child number 6 and I decided that I would rather have a picture than spoil the moment. That, and that it would probably not kill him!
If it makes you feel better, I had a similar choice to make about a year ago with Joseph and the garbage can. He had climbed out of his high chair and fallen head first into the almost empty can. I really wanted a picture, but rescued Joseph instead.


Cindy said...

take pictures first, rescue later! ;)

Marg said...

Evan's smile is the cutest ever. No wonder you like him. When you have kids as cute as that, its good to have a big house because it will probably make you want more. Of cource, if heavenly father wants you to keep this up, hes got to keep sending the good ones! And i approve of kids waiting till it is kid number 6 to start snacking out of the trash can. I remember when I found Jess eating oat meal out of the trash can when she was a year old. I thought I would die.