Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now THIS is tired!

One of the reasons that we didn't go to Hendersonville for Thanksgiving (besides that we didn't know Dad & Ramona were going to be in Hendersonville for Thanksgiving) was that we have just been so darned tired. As you can see, Russ & I are not the only tired ones in the house--getting up for seminary at 5:10 every morning is taking it out of Jason! This was from the other morning while he was "studying" for his World Religions class.

Here's the bad part, though. We felt nice & rested after the weekend. And now I'm already exausted again! Something--either my really late book-club Tuesday night or the sinus infection I'm thinking about getting has really zapped me... :(


somestratton said...

Now that is a cute picture. Especially the open mouth part! Love it. Tired is one of my least favorite feelings. That and being sick, or hurt, or bored, or uncomfortable, or itchy, or too worked up, or....Just kidding. I hate being sick or tired.

Cindy said...

You're thinking about getting a sinus infection, huh? I recommend against it. Not fun. ;)