Friday, November 16, 2007

My Goofy Kid

Ok, I know you guys are thinking--is she ever going to stop posting tonight? But it has been such a crazy hectic week and this is the first minute I've had to do more than sit down and check my e-mail!
I picked up Josh from school this afternoon, and somehow the conversation got onto people having babies. Josh said how much he doesn't like to think about gross things like people being pregnant. (Remember, he's 12.) I said how much I don't like to think about the fact that I had both Jason & Josh without any pain medication, which was really painful! He said oh, his teacher said that she had morphine when she had her baby. I told him I like morphine, because after the triplets I had a special 24 hour kind of morphine. Then he asked "So when they cut you open to have me and Jason you could just feel all of the pain?" I told him no, they didn't cut me open when I had him or Jason. I could tell he was puzzled. After a minute he said "So then how did we get out??" I wasn't even really thinking about it too much. I said "Well Josh, you got out the way Heavenly Father meant for you to get out!" It was very quiet in the back of the car. I could almost hear the gears turning in his brain...the realization of exactly what I was saying. And then he said "oh yeah--at the special cloning facility!!!"

Good save, Josh! ;)


somestratton said...

Oh my.....when will he get the real idea???

Cindy said...

Oh--I think he realized what the real idea was, and didn't want to think about it!

somestratton said...

That sounds like Josh!