Monday, November 19, 2007

For those interested parties - Bob says we are ready to sell!
Actually, This is how we spent Saturday. Remind me never to hang wallpaper again, no matter how cute it is! I thought of Cindy and of Dad and Ramona all day while we were tearing off the wallboarder to paint the room all one color. Dad and Ramona hung the great Kinkade boarder and Cindy and Russ repainted the room last time. It was really an awful mess getting all of it off the walls!!!
Three generations of paing - the creamy greenish color was here when we moved in. We somehow managed to do the pink (??) and white, and finally, there is the tan color that we have loved. Just a bit of history!


Cindy said...

Hey, what kind of texture are you having on your new walls??

abstowe said...

If we do orange peel, it will save some money, but i am leaning toward a texture like Amber and Jeff's

Cindy said...

Oh yuck--DON'T do orange peel!!! If you get tempted, just remember that it will only save you 25 cents a month to have orange peely walls!!