Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is the fridge wall. Right now there is a laundry sink in front of the windows, but later there will be a window seat there. You can see there are two different colors of wood in the kitchen. The lighter color will be used all over the kitchen on top, except the around the stove. That cupboard will be dark.


AmShaZam said...

wow- that's a huge fridge! And your kitchen looks beautiful.

somestratton said...

M!!!! I FINALLY HAVE A VISION!!! Thanks for the pictures. Now I completely understand what is going on there, and it is totally different from what I was invisioning! And the cabinets are beautiful,,,I can tell they arent home-depot specials, but hey, when you work on an extreme budget, sometimes you have to go to extremes!!!

Cindy said...

I AM SO EXCITED!! I have finally seen your house! It looks so cool Margaret, and you're going to deserve it after you have survived this whole summer cooking on a hotplate!

Cool wall color too!