Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nightime bedwarmers

I know that you all enjoy my random stories here on our blog, so here is just another one to keep you rolling, or sleeping uneasily..... The tempurature has finally dropped here and we are pretty sure that winter will actually come. To celebrate each year Brent and I get excited and bring out our down comforter which he bought for me on our first Christmas. I have enjoyed it every winter since then. Well, last night was no exception.

Sometimes a little earlier in the morning than either Brent and I want to get out of bed I here Lilly enter our room and come and find the first parent who lets on that she has been heard. Of course, Brent never hears her because he could sleep through a tornado. Due to this, I often just pretend notto hear her and because I have done this enough times, she has learned to make her way over to Brent who is the one who gets out of bed and goes with her.

Well, at about 4:30 (much earlier than any Lilly visit) I thought I heard movement, and began my pretending. After a few seconds, I turned over to notice something on my comforter near my sholder and pushed the blanket away. IT moved to the middle of the blanket. When I noticed that it was a mouse I literally climbed over Brent exclaiming that there was a mouse in our bed, which finally woke him up. Well, I have nicknamed our nightime buddy "Mr. MOOSE." Was it a fluke that he was on our bed with us? Who knows. Anyways, after chasing him around our room for a while we put out some mouse traps and set out to get back to sleep...fat chance. Of course we kept hearing things. Then we turned back on the lights, chased some more, got some more mouse traps and then gave up and went to sleep together on our couch (not a couch bed mind you) downstairs. Well, when Joshua woke up, I went and slept on the extra bed in his room.

When I went back to my room to get ready to take a shower I found Mr. MOOSE sitting right in the middle of my bed, on top of my comforter. NO, I think it was no fluke. I think he decided that he too might enjoy our down comforter on these cold winter nights. Yuck. Well, I, in my masculine way, threw a skirt at him. LIKE THAT WORKED!!! He jumped off the bed and ran behind Brents dresser. Unfortunately for him there was just enough room to fit a plastic hanger behind the dresser, and Brent, who detests rodents of any type, but especially mice, took one mighty swing with the hanger and stunned Mr. MOOSE just long enough to grab him with some toilet paper and send him the toilet. FLUSH!! Again. Yuck.

So, sleep snug tonight folks!!! I hope that this one mouse was just here for some warmth and not to leave posterity! Anyways..traps are set, house is clean, poison will be purchased, and we are ready just incase Mr. MOOSE's friends decide they would like a warm snuggle too.
P.S. The pictures are not of OUR bed, or of Mr. MOOSE, but just to give you a visual image while ready!


Cindy said...

Oh yuck! That is so nasty! At least our mice stay in the attic!!

abstowe said...

Uggh, Eww and ICK! We have one scratching and that is enough to get me to set traps!