Wednesday, November 28, 2007

no camera cord...still

Well, Margaret said that no one was posting, so here I go. Again, I cannot find my camera cord so I cannot show any nifty personal pictures, however, maybe I will find a good one on google somewhere. We have about 19 days or so until we leave for Christmas and the question at hand is will we get our countertops b4 the Paces??? Oh, only the Mighty one knows the answer to that one!!! So, did everyone get the memo for Christmas swap this year. The word is 7-up. Yep, count seven people older than you and that is who you have. Like, I have Cindys family. So, get your brains rolling cause December is almost here people.

Happy Marg?? :)


abstowe said...

I can tell you how to find almost everything you have ever lost in your own home. Pack. Pack. Clean, then pack some more...... Then paint some, paint some more, then pack some more..... I have found lots of stuff. Some I didn't even know I was missing.
Of course, I have also packed some things that I have really needed..... I may never find them again.
Such is life

Cindy said...

Andra, I am LOL!!

Laila, might I suggest a new home for your camera cord--right by your computer? I've done lots better not losing cords since I have a special basket for them right by my computer...good luck finding it!