Monday, January 28, 2008

Death of a Hero

Just yesterday, I was beginning to read in Mosiah when my mind wandered. I began to think about what President Hinkley would tell all of us in his last days. I decided he would say much of what King Benjamin had said. Then I decided that President Hinkley had already done this repeatedly - left us with his words of wisdom and love.

If you get a minute, go read through King Benjamin's last words, and let your heart hear it in President Hinkley's gravely voice.

Though I love President Monson, I will surely miss President Hinkley.


somestratt said...

Andra, thanks for that suggestion. I will have to do it. He is the kind of person, that in death you feel like you are loosing a grandpa. Even though we never had physical daily interaction with him, he portrayed himself so honestly over the pulpit that you got to know him very well. At least the good qualities!!!

Jeremy and Maria said...

Way to go President Hinkley. I'm glad he is now with his wife again worn out his life in the service of God. Way to go. Love you guys.

Cindy said...

I agree with Jeremy--I'm sure that was a joyous reunion.

So here's a funny story for you. Val called last night about 11 or so to tell me that because President Hinckley had died he couldn't get on to the blog. Or that President Hinckley died because he couldn't get on to the blog. One of those. Anyway, while we were chatting Dad beeped me so I put Val on hold to see what Dad wanted. I told Dad that I'd already heard the news, and that I was on the other line with Val. Dad said, "Well tell Val that *his* man is now *the* man." I said "What do you mean, does Val like President Monson?" Dad told me that Val has loved President Monson since he (Val) was a child.

I got back on the other line with Val and gave him Dad's message. Val said, which as much tact as possible (and no personal apostasy in his voice!) that he's never cared for President Monson that much. I asked "Well who do you really like, then?" To which Val replied "Well, my horse just died..." It was so funny!