Sunday, January 20, 2008

new job

Somehow i have finished college... almost.
I'm looking for employment in with my Technical Management (automotive) degree, and what i am finding is that i can easily start as a Service Adviser.
i figured i'd pick the family brains with a question:
What are the best and worst aspects of dealing with a service adviser?

you can help me be a good one, i think.


P.S. I'm not a graduate yet. somehow i have failed to go to the required fine arts exhibits . i'll have my actual BA degree after this semester... how sad.


Cindy said...

So I heard a rumor you guys are thinking of leaving the wonderful land of Rexburg sometime soon??? When would you go? I'd miss you guys!

Sam.. and Emily said...

i had a job offer in pocatello. i'd start making probably 8 grand more per year than i will here... but an hour + commute says no.

I was thinking about it, but no... not yet.

emily hates (maybe too strong a word, but not by much) rexburg winters. as soon as she graduates, i guess we'll be leaving.

we'll see what happens.

I hear you are talking to my sister in law, Natalie... i think she'd be much happier living with some cool ppl instead of strangers...
much love,

Cindy said...

When does Em graduate?

And yeah, I think Natalie is probably going to come live with us this summer. It will be fun!

somestratt said...

What exactly is a service whatchamajig?

Sam.. and Emily said...

when you take your car to get it worked on, you talk to the Service advisor (or service writer) who writes on the work order what you say is wrong. and they are also the ones that say "you should really fix this and that while we're at it".

somestratt said...

Ah, I guess that is what my mechanics wife does! Who would have known. No real pros or cons about it. She takes the info, then she tells me the hundreds to thousands that i get to give them!

Nathan & Margaret said...

Sam, I was - of cource - oging to suggest moving to Medina New York. But after hearing about Emily's feelings about winter. . .maybe not? I think maybe Rexburg is a little worse. But not enough to make a differnce! I Now when I hear about people wanting to live in a warm place I am thinking florida, or new mexico or something.

Cindy said...

I recently talked to a very nice service advisor. I didn't have any problems with him at all. But he couldn't convince me that it was worth 33% more to have a dealer transmission, so I went elsewhere...

Good luck making a decision, Sam! Did you get my e-mail?