Saturday, January 12, 2008

Don{t you hate it when.....

You have a question- and that happens instead of a question mark,
When you want to write a semi colon and get ñ instead
and although these{{{{ bring back memories of how mom drew faces in profile, Sometime I really might want to use my quotation marks again!
So Jeff, knower of all things computer, why are my buttons suddenly screwy_ _ _ _ _!
PS. I really did not just swear. For a refresher, that is my question mark!!!


Cindy said...

I *do* remember those faces with a bracket. I thought mom was so amazing that she could make I realize it was lack of ability to make a face any other way!!

Sorry about the swearing keyboard!

AmShaZam said...

I'll ask Jeff about it when he returns this afternoon...and is it really, really foggy in Genola? I can't even see down the street up here!

abstowe said...

No, it is not foggy here - very bright and clear. However, on our way home from Provo last night it was really really foggy!

somestratton said...

I think that your keyboard is just really upset about being seperated from the computer all the time and has decided to rebel. Think how happy it will be when you give it a new home right next to your computer, in a lovely little neiche in a new beautiful room. By the way...I think mom was extrodinarily talented at drawing princesses with bracket faces (and perky chests!!!)

Cindy said...

Andra, my keys were doing that last year and it got so bad I thought I was going to have to send it somewhere to be fixed. And then... miraculously... it stopped, out of the blue.

abstowe said...

Gosh, I forgot about the perky chests on the bracket princesses.
As for the keyboard, I am sure I clicked on something that helps you type spanish or something, and just could not figure out how to make it go back! I guess it reset itself when we turned it off.
Very funny, Laila!