Monday, January 28, 2008


Just to illustrate my point, here are a few pictures, the first two are Bali, Indonesia, the next three are Thailand, Phuket (poo-ket). But Hawaii is pretty, too. Just SUPER expensive.


somestratt said...

Ok Ben, again, you pick a warm place and get us there. I am all in. Can we do away with the whole money system though?

Cindy said...

Oh my heck, Ben! (Yes, I'm practicing sounding like I'm from Utah!) Those pictures are incredible. I'm in, as long we we can find a job for Russ! ;)

somestratt said...

Cindy...Jobs that earn money are going to be useless in our combine. We will all live off the earth, together making all we need, depending .... ok, but really, we are doing away with money. Like Andra says, we have got every profession needed to provide for ourselves:)