Sunday, January 13, 2008

Need help from dad asap

Dad, we are really having some big problems with Joshua now. Not only are his eyes popping out of his eye sockets but it seems like he has now gotten some weird rash. Please please please help us. We just don't know what to do!!! Can you recommend a dr. for this problem we are having?


Nathan & Margaret said...

If this is a picture of Josh, then you actually do have a problem. You know, Nathan eyes pop out(what a nasty sounding term) when something is bothering him. Also, this eyes dilate unevenly. He also is most bothered by allergens of anyone in the family. But Joshes thing is probably not the same as that.

AmShaZam said...

So, you're bothered by the rash and NOT by the plastic slide growing out of his eye?

somestratt said...

Amber, you constantly keep me laughing. That is why you and Jeff are so much fun to hang with. Your new profile pic is cute with Carter.